Medical and Healthcare Equipment and Supplies

Medical and Healthcare Equipment and Supplies Import Export

Interex supplies medical equipment, clinical supplies and frontline personal protective equipment (PPE) to hospitals, healthcare centres and medical establishments.

It is vital that the equipment and supplies used for patient care are verified to be of the highest possible standard and are available when needed. Private and public hospitals in many parts of the Caribbean trust Interex to supply them with important medical equipment and clinical supplies. We pride ourselves on being able to supply what is needed on time and in budget.

Our dedicated and knowledgeable customer care team utilise our extensive supplier network saving you valuable time and money.

Whether it is nursing care essentials, surgical tools, beds, patient moving equipment, work stations or larger items of medical equipment we will work with you to specify and supply the items you need. Every quote is tailored to your specific requirements, so contact Interex today to see how we can help.

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