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When unexpected natural disasters and pandemics occur the effects on individuals, families and communities can be devastating and long lasting. The damage to the economy of a small country dependant on tourism will be significant but the extent of the damage and the return to normality is always determined by what preparations were in place.

Climate change appears to be increasing levels of extreme weather and regions such as the Caribbean can find themselves under-resourced to effectively deal with all situations that are likely to arise.

The importance of disaster preparation should never be under estimated, if the right preparations are in place lives will be saved and economies will restart sooner. Investing in resilience before a disaster hits is more effective than relying heavily on post-disaster recovery.

As requirements vary enormously from region to region Interex work closely with agencies and defence forces at a local level to identify and specify emergency preparedness supplies – some of which include:

Shelter & Comfort

Beds, Tables & Benches
Inflatable Tents & Shelters
Temporary Control Fencing
Modular Field Kitchens, Utensils & Food Packs
Survival / Relief Kits / First Aid Packs


Emergency Response
Site Dumpers
Earthquake / Hurricane Relief
– Backhoe Loaders
– Site Dumpers
– Mini Excavators


Flexible Water Storage Bladders
Hand Wash Stations
PPE & Sanitiser
Shelter Solar Showers
Water Storage
Water Treatment Units


Portable Refrigerator / Freezer Solutions
Solar Power Led Lighting
Ice Making Systems


As part of your preparation and planning for emergencies Interex can work with you to advise on best practice solutions. Our experienced sales team are on hand and would be delighted to discuss your requirements and provide additional information as required.

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